Why You Should Be Getting Your Appliances Serviced Regularly

Appliances Repair Service Chicago

Appliances Repair Service Chicago

We all appreciate having a home and office appliances that are always in excellent working condition. Whether you are preparing family meals and holiday dinners in your home kitchen or fixing a quick snack in your office kitchen, you need high-functioning appliances.

Only when your refrigerator, range, stovetop, microwave, and other appliances are running smoothly can you successfully prepare nutritious foods. Yet too often, we take these major kitchen appliances and our dishwashers, washing machines, clothes dryers, and HVAC equipment for granted.

We can easily forget how important good maintenance servicing by an appliance repair service is for these machines that are a vital part of our everyday lives. We frequently postpone scheduled service appointments for our appliances if an interesting event, work-related conference, or social gathering takes place at the same time.

If an appliance malfunctions or breaks down, we usually put the blame on the manufacturer or faulty operating components. Yet with regularly scheduled maintenance, our essential appliances can last for long-term use, providing us with top-quality, dependable service.

Keep Appliances Healthy and Hearty with Regular Checkups and Servicing

Our experts at Sterling Service Group recommend regular servicing to keep your home appliances healthy, hearty and running smoothly. Many distributors and sellers of current appliance brands and models offer maintenance agreements and packages with the sale of each appliance.

Reasons for scheduling regular health checkups for your appliances include the following:

1. Top-Quality Maintenance Saves Money

HVAC Appliances Maintenance Services

It pays to spend a small amount of money to have your home or office appliances serviced and maintained in excellent condition by an appliance repair service.

By having your kitchen, laundry room and HVAC appliances serviced on a regular schedule, you can prevent equipment breakdowns. Just think of how annoying and unpleasant it will be if your air conditioner ceases to operate during the sweltering heat of summer.

Remember that frigid week two winters ago when your furnace broke down. No amount of space heaters, sweaters, blankets or quilts could keep the shivering members of your household warm. Without regular servicing, small defects in the operating components of your heating system, air conditioner or dishwasher may cause a breakdown.

2. Safety Measures Promote Household Security

Home and office appliances are powered by gas or electricity. If any of this equipment malfunctions, this may result in a fire. Even a small fire can spread rapidly, especially during the night when you and your family are sleeping. A fire of any size caused by faulty or broken appliance parts can seriously endanger the safety of your entire household.

If you live in a condo or apartment complex, a fire in your home can also endanger everyone in your building. By having your appliances examined and serviced regularly by maintenance appliances Chicago experts, the danger of fire can be alleviated. Your professional service and maintenance team can detect product or component weaknesses and problems, correcting them before any mishaps occur.

3. Appliance Servicing Promotes Longevity

As with most of the furnishings in your home or office, you need to give your appliances good treatment. If you take good care of your appliances, they can last for long-term use and enjoyment. Your kitchen range or refrigerator can operate smoothly and effectively for 10 to 15 years with good care. With regular, high-quality maintenance, they can last even longer.

Kitchen Appliances Maintenance Professionals

An experienced and skilled maintenance team like Sterling Service Group can also identify any repairs that are needed. By making these repairs as soon as a faulty or worn-out component is detected, your maintenance professionals can prevent breakdowns. Your local handyman or a neighbor who claims to have adequate DIY experience will most likely not detect minor problems.

4. Regular Servicing Supports Appliance Efficiency

During their years of use, most appliances start to gradually decrease in degrees of efficiency. This is due to everyday wear-and-tear. Over time, this will increase your energy bills since your stove, refrigerator and washing machine all use more electricity or gas as they decline in efficiency.

With quality professional inspections, servicing and maintenance by Sterling Service Group, however, this extra expense for power usage can be prevented. Often, several appliances that you purchased at about the same time may suddenly start operating less efficiently. When this happens, your monthly utility charges can spike upward significantly.

Unhealthy and Unsafe Risks of Using Neglected Appliances

Laundry Room Appliances Maintenance Servicing

Some serious unhealthy and unsafe risks that may result from using neglected appliances that have not had regular servicing include the following:

  • Frayed and Weakened Cords

    • Appliance cords each contain an insulated live wire. The insulation prevents the live wire from making contact with people, pets, water or flammable substances and materials. If the live wire ever becomes exposed due to frayed insulation and cord exteriors, this creates an extremely dangerous situation. If people or animals touch this exposed electrical wire, they can experience serious injuries and may even die.

  • Laundry Room Hazards

    • Since your washing machine operates with the use of both water and electricity, it must be inspected by a servicing and maintenance professional regularly. Children should never be permitted to play with washing machines, and if these appliances have not been inspected recently, children are especially at risk of harm.

  • Kitchen Dangers

    • Kitchens are filled with potential hazards if appliances are not well-maintained and inspected periodically. Most people today have myriad electrical or gas-powered appliances in and around their kitchens. From ovens, microwaves, dishwashers and toasters to fridges, blenders and coffeemakers, all kitchen appliances can be dangerous if faulty wiring causes shocks, sparks or flames.

  • Electric Heaters

    • In cold winter weather, many homeowners and apartment dwellers use portable electric heaters. These electrical space heaters provide extra warmth for bedrooms, bathrooms, family rooms and home office or study space. They offer comfort and convenience throughout homes.

      • Yet these handy portable home heaters can also create safety hazards if their electrical cords become frayed, exposing the live wiring inside. These heating devices must be examined carefully and often to prevent dangerous conditions throughout the home. Especially when used in bathrooms near sinks, showers and tubs, they must be protected from exposure to water.

  • Other Portable Appliances

    • Even smaller portable appliances that are commonly used in homes today can be hazardous if not examined for safety issues. Hairdryers, vacuum cleaners, humidifiers and many small hand-held electrical items can malfunction and cause dangerous conditions, including fires. Although they are not usually considered appliances, televisions and audio equipment can also be dangerous if they have faulty parts.

As our experts at Sterling Service Group will advise you, it is essential to have all appliances serviced regularly. Home appliances must be inspected and serviced by professional technicians. It is essential to arrange a regular schedule for having your kitchen, laundry room and other appliances serviced during each year.

Contact our local appliance servicing agents today to arrange a regular schedule for the inspection and servicing of your appliances by a trained technician. Our experienced experts at Sterling Service Group are well-prepared and available to service and maintain your home appliances.

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