• General Appliance Help

    • Do you service my appliance even though I bought it from Abc appliance?

      We service brand specific products, no matter where you purchased it.

    • Why use Sterling Service Group?

      Our professional, trained, and highly skilled technicians cover product maintenance, diagnostics, and repair. We offer exceptional service at fair, competitive rates and use only genuine replacement parts that are backed by a manufacturer replacement warranty.

    • How often should I replace my water filter?

      The water filter inhibits scale formation and sediment build up. It also reduces chlorine, taste, and odor so your water and ice are clean and refreshing. Replace your water filter every year or every 750 gallons, whichever occurs first.

      Contact Sterling Service Group to schedule an appointment to do this for you.

    • The lights just went out in my refrigerator/freezer section while I had the door open, what should I do?

      Most Sub-Zeros have a feature that shuts down the section of the refrigerator that has been open too long. Close the door and leave it closed for half an hour and the light and the section should start up again.

    • What stainless steel cleaner should I use on my appliance’s exterior and interior?
      We highly recommend Therapy Clean and their 2-in-1 plant based cleaner and polish. 

      Our valued customers can also receive 10% OFF of their full product line using code STERLING at checkout. Shop Therapy Clean

    • How often should I clean my condenser?

      Clean the condenser every six to twelve months to keep your refrigeration products operating their best. Clean the condenser more often if pets are present. Contact Sterling Service Group to schedule an appointment to do this for you.

      If temperatures do not return to the set-point within 24 hours of cleaning the condenser, or if there is an error message, contact Sterling Service Group to schedule an appointment for repair.

    • Can I upgrade my appliance that does not have Wi-Fi enabled compatibility built in?

      Yes. While many Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove appliances come with Wi-Fi enabled compatibility built in, you can add the same connectivity features to older models with the purchase and installation of a connectivity kit. To determine if a product can be connected, and to verify what is needed to connect it, visit Connectivity Kit Lookup with your model and serial number.

      Contact Sterling Service Group to schedule an appointment for connectivity kit installation.

    • What is the best temperature setting for my refrigerator’s optimum efficiency?

      Most manufacturers recommend 38 degrees in the refrigerator and 0 degrees in the freezer.